Michelin Guide ★★: Waku Ghin, Singapore

Waku Ghin has always been one of Singapore’s most legendary and talked-about restaurants. No doubt for its culinary excellence, but also for its hefty price tag. It earned one Michelin star in 2016 and currently holds the coveted two stars. And so for a treat on Sean’s birthday last year, I took him to try […]

Review: Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ’s Dry-Aged Wagyu, Great World City

Kuriya Dining’s new baby at Great World City, Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ brings in a whole new concept of a self-service BBQ after buying your meats from a ‘supermarket’ that provides for both BBQ and shabu-shabu options. So how it works is, you pick your meats, drinks and dessert from the retail section (that also sells sake […]