Michelin Guide ★: Olympe, Rio de Janeiro

It was such a pleasure meeting the team behind one of the World’s 100 Best restaurants, and one of Latin America’s 50 Best! Chef  Thomas Troisgros takes over from his dad Claude, and their work is a culmination of 38 years of research on the best of local produce. We really enjoyed trying ingredients like […]

Review: Blackwattle, Singapore

The brainchild of Australian Chef Clayton Wells behind Sydney’s popular Automata, Blackwattle promises simple, uncomplicated cuisine that allows the freshness of the ingredients to shine. We decided to check it out on the night of its opening and there was already quite a crowd. And no wonder, with Automata ranking 9th among Sydney’s best restaurants. […]

Musings: Taking Shortcuts

Two days ago, I asked chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay what is the one thing that ticks him off the most. And he said, “When people take shortcuts.” It got me thinking about something I’ve been reflecting on lately about discipline. I train at least 3 times a week, an hour or two of Muay Thai or […]

Review: Ocean by Cat Cora, RWS Singapore

It was truly a privilege to meet and interview one of the pioneer female chefs on television, Cat Cora. Chef Cat was warm, personable and definitely someone with a lot of passion for food and cooking. You can listen to excerpts of our Radio chat here where Cat talks about paving the way for female chefs in a […]