Review: Hairy Crabs at Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant, Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

  – Ooh.. would you look at that! Originating in Shanghai, hairy crabs are seasonal offerings during the months of October and November. Compared to more commonly known crabs such as Sri Lankan Crabs, they are smaller and are renowned for their creamy crab roe. To preserve the original flavours of both the meat and crab roe, Jia […]

Review: Seafood Boil Feasting at Crab in da Bag (Sports Hub)

Momma and I LOVE our seafood and decided we had to try out the new Crab in da Bag outlet at Sports Hub. It’s a five-minute walk from Stadium MRT and right by the waterfront which makes for a wonderful post-dinner stroll. As you can see from the pictures, we were well-fed by the generous […]