Review: La Braceria, Greendale Ave

My best friend Jacqueline has always raved about La Braceria as one of her favourite authentic Italian family restaurants. I personally love the casual, warm hospitality at Capri, but this turned out to be quite the excellent recommendation! The place is cosy, rustic and elegant at the same time. Overall: ★★★★☆ Quality pasta and meats. Casual, […]

Review: Yorimichi Yakitori, Golden Mile Tower

We ran into this popular hole-in-a-wall yakitori joint quite by accident. We were watching a movie at The Projector at Golden Mile Tower and wanted to grab a quick dinner. This quaint Japanese nook immediately caught our attention, and stood out amid the countless mookata and Thai cafes. Overall: ★★★★☆ Delicious yakitori, affordable prices. Price: $$ We […]

Chinese Cooking: Delicious Seafood Congee Recipe

The perfect comfort food — warm, smooth congee filled with the freshest seafood and topped with delicious chopped century egg, fried wanton skins and spring onions for flavour. Here’s another of my favourite recipes from Mom. Ingredients: – rice – fish meat with bones – fish or seafood stock – chopped fresh prawns – minced […]