Michelin Guide ★★: Waku Ghin, Singapore

Waku Ghin has always been one of Singapore’s most legendary and talked-about restaurants. No doubt for its culinary excellence, but also for its hefty price tag. It earned one Michelin star in 2016 and currently holds the coveted two stars. And so for a treat on Sean’s birthday last year, I took him to try […]

Review: Nun Song Yee Korean Dessert Cafe, Bukit Timah

Despite being just a stone’s throw from Sean’s current place, I’d never actually noticed this 24-hour Korean dessert joint open up along Luk Tong Avenue which is just around the bend from the popular Cheong Chin Nam stretch of eateries. But we had a sugar craving after work one day, and so I headed down […]

Easy Baking: Summer Berry Drizzle Cake

It’s so hazy out tonight I decided to stay home and do some baking instead. Here’s my version of a really easy berry cake i found, improvised with fresh raspberries/blueberries and with less sugar. You can use whatever is in season where you are, and it only takes about 1hour and 15 minutes to complete! Let’s […]