Healthy Cooking: Chicken Penne Salad w/Lemon Yogurt Dressing

I absolutely love creamy salad dressings, but if you go with the usual caesar or ranch dressing, you’re really better off eating a cheeseburger nutritionally. Protein is a must for me in every salad, and I don’t buy into the no-carb hype. So, I’m going to introduce one of my favourite ways to put together […]

Healthy Cooking: Oven-baked Spiced Herb Chicken Breast

An oven-baked chicken breast is one of the most versatile dishes you can make. You could serve it up on its own with sautéed vegetables. Or even use it in salads, sandwiches and even on pizza. It’s also a much healthier option than frying or grilling. The trick to get it juicy is how you […]

Baking: Classic American Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Recipe

It’s the weekend again and time to try out an old favourite — the American Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese. This is one of the more fun cakes to make because I love watching how raw carrots get turned into that beautiful, soft brown spiced confection after its rendezvous in the oven. And.. citrus-infused cream […]

Japanese Cooking: Truffle Wagyu Don with Fail-Proof Onsen Egg Recipe

Ingredients:  2 eggs wagyu (sliced) niniku sauce  japanese rice shaved truffle slices Over the weekend, Sean and I decided to try putting together a wagyu rice bowl topped with shaved truffles and an onsen egg. This is a wonderful idea for if you have leftover sushi rice like I mentioned in my DIY Sushi Recipe post. If […]