Healthy Cooking: Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Mushroom & Eggplant Recipe

This is one of my favourite healthy post-workout snacks when I need to load up on protein to help with recovery. It’s also low in fat, has lots of vitamins and absolutely delicious! You could prepare and whip this up in 10 minutes with the ingredients in your fridge. Let’s get started..   Ingredients: 6 egg […]

Healthy Cooking: Salmon Teriyaki with Sautéed Vegetables Recipe

It’s been awhile since I shared a recipe, so here’s a healthy one I tried out tonight for a simple, delicious and very nutritious meal that works for all of you who want to start eating clean this new year. The best part about cooking and preparing your own healthy meals is that it doesn’t have […]

Musings: Life Lessons in Martial Arts

I’ve just gotten back into Muay Thai training after a year-long hiatus. There were a few reasons why I stopped and I can make excuses about the politics, about how I allowed the instructors’ lack of integrity affect me etc. But if I were honest with myself, I stopped mainly because I was weak and […]