Review: Tae Woo Korean Restaurant, Clarke Quay

Oodles of mouthwatering noodles! Just look at that glistening bowl of savoury, caramelised goodness. It’s the craving for a bowl of delicious Jajangmyeong (Korean Black Bean Noodles) that lured us into the cosy embrace of Tae Woo Restaurant in Central Mall. It’s a great place to unwind with friends and tuck into a good variety of simple Korean […]

Review: Joo Bar Singapore’s Makgeolli Cocktails and Bar Bites

Joo Bar is a fun, makgeolli bar and restaurant that sets itself up as a fun, laid-back place to get your fix of Korean grub with some funky soju and makgeolli cocktails. I visited early this year when it had just opened to chat with owner and master brewer Jamie Lim about how he does […]

Travel: My Jeju Highlights — 8 Great Places to Visit in Jeju, Korea

i just got back from an amazing trip to Jeju-do in South Korea and really want to share the best parts of it with you. Don’t really want to bore you guys with too much information about each attraction because you can find details on them easily with a quick google search. But here’s my short two […]