Review: Tatsuya, Goodwood Park Hotel

Tatsuya will always have a special place in my heart. It’s where Sean and I had our first proper date almost four years ago, and that omakase dinner was very memorable. I just loved the simple, elegant ambience where you could watch the army of chefs working their magic with fresh produce. But I’d always been curious […]

Italian Cooking: Simple Truffle Mushroom Risotto

I think a great risotto should be simple, have great flavour without being too heavy or going over the top. It might take some patience and time, but is otherwise easy to prepare and makes for the best comfort food at all meals in the day! Sean and I love spending our Sunday evenings experimenting […]

Italian Cooking — Red Capsicum and Basil Egg Frittata Recipe

Today, I’m going to share this really simple recipe for a dish that works as a delicious snack at any time of the day — a Red Capsicum and Basil Egg Frittata. Mm.. Love the gorgeous golden colour and the sweet, natural flavours of the fresh vegetables! You don’t even have to heat an egg frittata […]