Sous Vide Cooking: Filet Mignon & Ribeye with Roasted Vegetables

Sean and I recently broke out our Annova sous vide device to cook our meats, and we have not turned back since. It is seriously a game changer when it comes to getting your steaks, chops, fish and even eggs to come out absolutely perfect every single time. Just look at that amazing, pink, juicy medium […]

Review: House-Cured Meats and Charcuterie at Salted and Hung, Singapore

  Salted and Hung showcases a menu revolving around a luscious array of cuts that are derived from all parts of an animal. And i mean all. Elements of smoking, curing and pickling is used in a surprising array of dishes including a rum-cured Pork Belly, Salt & Pepper Tripe, and even the selection of […]