Review: Blackwattle, Singapore

The brainchild of Australian Chef Clayton Wells behind Sydney’s popular Automata, Blackwattle promises simple, uncomplicated cuisine that allows the freshness of the ingredients to shine. We decided to check it out on the night of its opening and there was already quite a crowd. And no wonder, with Automata ranking 9th among Sydney’s best restaurants. […]

Review: Tae Woo Korean Restaurant, Clarke Quay

Oodles of mouthwatering noodles! Just look at that glistening bowl of savoury, caramelised goodness. It’s the craving for a bowl of delicious Jajangmyeong (Korean Black Bean Noodles) that lured us into the cosy embrace of Tae Woo Restaurant in Central Mall. It’s a great place to unwind with friends and tuck into a good variety of simple Korean […]

Review: Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant & Mart, Washington DC

I’ve always loved trying exotic new cuisines and who would’ve thought DC would be such a great place to dig into some hearty Ethiopian fare! There are quite a few Ethiopian restaurants here ranging from casual to fine dining. People love a quick, filling breakfast at many of the eateries in the city, and it’s […]

Review: Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro Singapore + Oysters 101

What are some of the most coveted oysters in the world? When are they in season and what’s the best way to eat them? One of the seafood restaurants and fish markets with most longevity here in Singapore has got to be Greenwood Fish Market. A colleague introduced me to the friendly owner of Greenwood, […]