Review: Catalunya Singapore’s Brunch Fiesta!

I’d heard so much about Catalunya’s brunch after going to dinner there a couple of times that I had to try it out for myself. It was my best friend Jacqueline’s birthday, and I wanted to take her out to someplace fun where we could eat and drink to our heart’s content. Catalunya is situated […]

Review: New Spanish Kid on the Block — ‘Modern Tapas’ at Tapas 39 on Duxton Hill

I do quite a few tastings a week and on the days I don’t, I opt for lighter foods and smaller portions. To this end, tapas seems the perfect answer to our demand for bite-sized portions. Whether it’s so we can try a greater variety of dishes or so we don’t get filled up too quickly, tapas or […]

Spanish Gin Tonic Party at My Little Tapas Bar

The Brits may have invented the Gin&Tonic, but the Spanish have elevated it to an art form. Traditionally taken as an aperitif in London, the Spanish have it with dinner or as a nighttime bar and club drink — and in a large balloon glass, no less. Used to be that when you ordered a […]