Traditional Kyoto Sweets at Kagizen Yoshifusa Honten 鍵善良房 本店 (Gion)

I just got back from Kyoto, and really want to share one of the best-kept secrets among the locals in Gion — Kagizen Yoshifuza. It’s a renowned sweet shop established as long ago as the mid-Edo period, and and has been making traditional Kyoto sweets for hundreds of years! The shop is quaint but elegant, […]

Review: Nun Song Yee Korean Dessert Cafe, Bukit Timah

Despite being just a stone’s throw from Sean’s current place, I’d never actually noticed this 24-hour Korean dessert joint open up along Luk Tong Avenue which is just around the bend from the popular Cheong Chin Nam stretch of eateries. But we had a sugar craving after work one day, and so I headed down […]