Review: Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ’s Dry-Aged Wagyu, Great World City

Kuriya Dining’s new baby at Great World City, Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ brings in a whole new concept of a self-service BBQ after buying your meats from a ‘supermarket’ that provides for both BBQ and shabu-shabu options. So how it works is, you pick your meats, drinks and dessert from the retail section (that also sells sake […]

Japanese Cooking: Truffle Wagyu Don with Fail-Proof Onsen Egg Recipe

Ingredients:  2 eggs wagyu (sliced) niniku sauce  japanese rice shaved truffle slices Over the weekend, Sean and I decided to try putting together a wagyu rice bowl topped with shaved truffles and an onsen egg. This is a wonderful idea for if you have leftover sushi rice like I mentioned in my DIY Sushi Recipe post. If […]

Review: Sushi Jin’s Truffle Wagyu, Foie Gras and Uni Don

When we saw pictures of what looked like a super indulgent bowl online, we just had to give it a try. Sushi Jin (by Les Amis Group) is tucked away slightly off the beaten track at One Farrer Hotel & Spa near Little India, And when we arrived, we were seated at the bar counter normally reserved […]